Golden Brands 464 Wax










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Golden Brands 464 soy wax is loved and trusted amongst candle makers!

A hydrogenated soy oil blended with a soy-based additive, which enables the wax to be poured at hotter temperatures which in turn reduces frosting . 

Golden 464 soy wax is easy to use, natural and kosher. It has a lower melt point which aid with glass adhesion.

Suitable for: container candles, tea-lights and clam shell melts. Golden wax 464 is not suitable for moulds.

Form: Comes in flake form. Note: during hotter months, wax may melt slightly in transit. This does no damage to the wax as it transforms out of flake form. 

Pour Temperature: 65 degrees - a maximum of 80 degrees Celsius

Melting Point: 46-49 C

Fragrance Oil Loading recommendation: 8%-10%

The manufacture date on the 22.6KG boxes is in USA format.

Please test in small batches, since variables like weather and fragrance can influence the final result.

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