Citrus Fragrance Oils

Citrus & Fresh Fragrance Oils

Embark on a journey of invigorating scents with our collection of uplifting citrus and fresh fragrances – specially crafted for your candle making and soap making endeavours.

Delve into the world of zesty delights with notes of vibrant lime and lemon, infusing your creations with a burst of tangy energy. Let the aromatic dance of lemongrass and the sun-kissed essence of orange awaken your senses and elevate your crafts.

Imagine the joy of lighting a candle or using a soap that carries the essence of a sunny orchard, where every breath is a rejuvenating experience. Our fragrances are meticulously designed to capture the pure, unbridled spirit of citrus and freshness, bringing a touch of nature's vitality to your creations.

Unleash the magic of these scents and let your imagination run wild as you infuse your candles and soaps with the uplifting charm of lime, lemon, lemongrass, and orange.


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Persian Lime & Lemongrass Fragrance Oil - Quiver EditionPersian Lime & Lemongrass Fragrance Oil - Quiver Edition
coconut lime fragrance oilcoconut lime fragrance oil