Biodegradable glitter

Biodegradable glitter

Elevate your creations while embracing sustainability with our Biodegradable Glitter – a dazzling addition that shines bright without harming the planet.

Crafting beautiful candles, soaps, and bath products is a joyful endeavor, and now you can do it with a conscience. Our biodegradable glitter offers all the sparkle and charm you desire, without leaving a lasting impact on the environment. Made from plant-based materials, this glitter gracefully dissolves over time, ensuring that your creations remain eco-friendly from start to finish.

Imagine infusing your products with shimmering elegance, knowing that every sparkle is a step towards a greener world. With our Biodegradable Glitter, you can create not only captivating pieces but also contribute to the well-being of the planet.

Crafting beauty, crafting sustainability!


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