Bath Bomb Colour

Bath Bomb Colour

Looking for vibrant and high-quality bath bomb colour dyes to bring your creations to life? You're in the right place!

Vivid Colours: Our bath bomb colour dyes are available in a stunning array of vivid shades. From deep ocean blues to lush forest greens and sunshine yellows, we've got the colours to match your imagination.

Easy to Use: Crafting bath bombs should be a breeze, and our dyes are designed with that in mind. They disperse evenly in your bath bomb mix, ensuring your creations look fantastic every time.

Bath-Safe: We prioritize your safety, which is why our dyes are formulated to be safe for your skin and the environment. You can enjoy your bath bombs without any worries.

Skin-Friendly: We understand the importance of skin-friendly ingredients. Our dyes are gentle on the skin, so you can soak in the beauty of your bath bombs without irritation.

Versatile: Our bath bomb colour dyes are versatile and can be used in various DIY bath and body projects. From bath salts to soap making, they add a pop of colour to your creations.

Highly Concentrated: A little goes a long way with our dyes. A few drops are all you need to achieve the vibrant hues you desire, making them cost-effective and long-lasting.

Mix and Match: Get creative by mixing our dyes to create custom colours. Experiment with endless possibilities and let your inner artist shine.

Ready to take your bath bomb crafting to the next level? Explore our stunning range of bath bomb colour dyes today and let your bath bombs burst with colour and excitement!


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