Phthalate Free Fragrance Oils in Candle Making

phthalate free fragrance oils candle making

Ah, scented candles – the magical mood-setters of relaxation. But hold your wicks, because there's a scent-sational debate brewing about the healthiness of those fragrant flickers. Let's light up the truth about phthalates and fragrances!

Imagine a long day melting away as you light your favourite scented candle. It's like a calming hug for your senses. But wait, is it really good for you? What if you're inviting hazardous fumes into your home instead of serene vibes?

Let's talk phthalates (pronounced tha-lates) – these little chemical critters are used in all sorts of industries. They're like the behind-the-scenes players that make plastic flexible and even show up in household goods. But guess where else they hide? Yup, in fragrances.

Now, here's the twist: transparency isn't exactly the fragrance industry's middle name. Labels might simply say "fragrances," hiding the full ingredient list like a secret recipe. It's like going to a magic show and never seeing the magician's face.

You'd think the FDA and its Aussie cousin TGA have got our backs, right? Well, turns out they regulate cosmetic ingredients, but fragrances get a pass on full disclosure. It's like a loophole where fragrance houses keep their secrets, leaving us wondering what's really in those bottles.

Enter the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) – the industry's guardian, or so it claims. But here's the catch: they're self-regulated, like a fox guarding a henhouse. This leaves us with raised eyebrows, wondering if studies are cooked up to favour fragrance makers.

Hold onto your wicks, because phthalates, like DEP (diethyl phthalate), are the stars of this show. They're used in fragrances to blend and create that enchanting aroma. But they're not exactly squeaky clean – some studies link them to endocrine disruption, fertility issues, and even breast cancer risks.

But guess what? The fragrance industry is chill about it. They say DEP is safe. It's like asking a fox if the henhouse is secure.

Now, essential oils might seem like the saviour, but they come with their own drama. They're pricier, and heating them in candles can zap their therapeutic powers. It's like inviting a yoga guru and realizing they can only teach in a whisper.

So, what's the verdict? Should we toss all fragrances out the window? It's a toss-up. Essential oils aren't always perfect, and not all fragrances contain those worrisome phthalates.

But guess what? The candles you get from us are phthalate-free. It's like opting for the gluten-free menu – just a safer choice. We're all about caution and care, because who wants to risk their cozy haven smelling like a chemical lab?

Until we get some unbiased superhero government agency to regulate this fragrance game, we're sticking to the side of caution. Because let's face it – we'd rather have soothing vibes and scents than mysterious fumes any day.

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