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Making Candles In The Winter

Making Candles In The Winter

Winter is a wonderful season to cosy up inside and enjoy winter candle fragrances!

Make candles in winter

Ah, winter – the time to embrace the chill with a warm mug of cocoa, a good book, and the soft, flickering glow of a candle. Who needs sunshine when you can have the cozy embrace of candlelight, right? Picture this: you, your onesie, and a battalion of candles turning your space into a winter wonderland. But hey, being a candle maestro in the frosty season isn't without its challenges. Let's dive into the chilly journey of candle making when the temperature drops!

First off, let's address the fact that winter turns everyone into homebodies. We become indoor enthusiasts, and that's like a jackpot for candles. Suddenly, every nook and cranny needs a candle companion. People go nuts for these wax wonders, and you might just need to stock up on candle-making supplies like you're preparing for a candle apocalypse.

Now, let's talk about being a candle whisperer in winter. Temperature becomes your BFF and your arch-nemesis. It's like playing a balancing act with a shivering dancer. The room's temperature, the wax's temperature – it's a temperature fiesta! Your usual techniques might go haywire thanks to Jack Frost's meddling. But fret not, temperature detective, you've got a secret weapon: your trusty thermometer and a notebook for those Sherlock-style notes.

Okay, let's get technical. To avoid the dreaded frosting and sinkholes – the villains of candle making – keep your crafting space around a cozy 25 degrees C. If you're pouring candles in an icy garage, it's like letting the cold-hearted Grinch mess with your masterpieces. Climate control, people!

But wait, there's more. Wanna avoid candles feeling like they just got hit ice? Heat up those jars, my friend! Warm them up in the oven like they're about to win a medal for bravery. It's like giving your glass a warm hug before the wax party. And if your oven is acting snobby, bring out the heat gun for some glass pampering.

Pro tip: avoid turning your candles into winter popsicles by not putting them in the freezer. Moisture + wick = a sad candle. Keep temperature constant, like your crush's attention on your Instagram posts.

Now, let's pour things up a notch – literally. Pouring at slightly higher temperatures is like giving your candles a winter coat. It prevents cracking and caving. And don't forget to write down the magic number, so you can replicate the spell later.

Cracks in the wax? Oh, the drama! Protect your candles from the cold's clutches by tucking them into a cardboard box like they're getting a candle slumber party. No open windows, please – let them cool as slowly as your grandpa takes to finish his stories.

And for the brave souls venturing into candle repair territory: top-up pours and heat guns to the rescue! Fix those wintery mishaps like a candle superhero. Just leave room for the lid – we don't want a candle crown, do we?

Oh, and don't you dare underestimate the power of winter sales! People hibernate at home like cozy bears, and they need their candle fix. Mental health and all that jazz. Plus, no worries about candles sweating like they've been to a spa – winter shipping for the win!

So, dear candle maestro, don't let winter's frosty grip dim your candle-making dreams. With these frostbite-fighting tips, you're ready to conquer the candle cosmos all year round. Winter, spring, summer, or fall – candles shall conquer them all! 

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