Massage Candle Ceramic Jars









Out of stock!



Out of stock!

Capacity: Max 115g capacity

Measurement: 6cm W x 10cm H

Weight: 155g

Finish: Gloss

Colour: Cream white

Lid: Lid is designed to sit into the top of the jar to keep the dust out between uses. ie: it is not a tight fit.

Handmade ceramic jar. Features pour spout and embossed Flour de Lis lid.

Text printed on front ceramic reads Massage Oil Candle.

As it to be expected from a hand made product, each ceramic jar may have slight variations.

Ideal for making massage oil candles.

There are many recipes available online for massage candles, and we encourage you to experiment to create your own preferred recipe. However, we provide the following instructions as a starting point

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