CDN Stabilo 24 -250cm Long (20mm x 6mm tab)


Let the trumpets blare and the banners flutter, for the mighty CDN Stabilo 24 is here to grace the realm of pillar moulds with its grandeur! 

A Pillar of Flames:

Pre-tabbed and pre-primed, this knight of a wick is ready to storm the castle of your candle-making dreams. Fashioned in the heart of Germany by Wedo.

Measured Majesty: With a length of 250mm, CDN Stabilo 24 is like a towering castle reaching for the skies. Its burn diameter of 90-95mm is the realm over which it reigns, a kingdom of warm glow. 

Tab of Triumph: Behold the tab, the throne upon which CDN Stabilo 24 sits. With dimensions of 20mm Diameter x 6.00mm H, it’s the bastion that holds the wick high, facing the winds of time with an unyielding spirit. The flame dances upon this dais, a ballet of light and shadows.

Tested Tales: Your quest lies in the uncharted waters of testing. With wax, dye, fragrance oil, and container as your companions, sail towards the horizon of perfect wick choice. This wick guide is your starting point.

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