99 Per Cent Isopropyl Alcohol


99% isopropyl alcohol, AKA rubbing alcohol is not just for scrapes and boo-boos. Nope, this beauty is your secret weapon for crafting some melt-and-pour soap wizardry!

Preventing bubbles? Check! Disinfecting surfaces? Yes. Sticking layers together like a soap symphony? Double-check! This alcohol is like the ultimate melt and pour soap-sidekick. Here's how to unleash its powers:

Bubble Buster: Give your melt-and-pour soap a spritz to keep those pesky bubbles at bay. 

Layer Bonding Love: Need your soap layers to stick together in harmony? A little spray of this liquid magic does the trick. Layers, assemble!

  Just remember, with great soap making power comes great soap responsibility! :

  • Flammable Dance: Yep, it's flammable. Handle with care.

  • Not for Internal Adventures: Do not drink! It's super harmful if ingested. A

  • Kid-Free Zone: Hide it from the little ones and pets. They're curious explorers, but we don't want them adventuring with this. Safety, remember?

  • Ignition Avoidance: If you love a good smoke break, just make sure it's away from our isopropyl friend. No smoking allowed in its vicinity!

  • Eye Alert: Keep this product away from your eyes. Rinse like there's no tomorrow and call in the pros – doctors or poison control.

  • Breathing: If inhaling becomes a hiccup, head to some fresh air. If things get serious, summon your CPR champion.

  • Sewer-Proof: Don't let this stuff sneak into the sewers. We're soap makers, not sewer polluters!


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