If you're signing up for any private service, including in-person workshop, class, experience or online event with Blaze & Foam, here's the whole 'terms and conditions' tango. 

Deposits: A 50% non-refundable deposit is your golden ticket. The rest is due two weeks before the big day. Please don't be fashionably late with that final payment, and email us your final your headcount seven days before the event.

Refunds: Once payment is made, it's a done deal – non-refundable and set in stone. We get it, life does the unexpected two-step, but we're a small operation. We assign staff, turn others away and pay non refundable venue fees. This means we cannot offer refunds, even if life throws you a curveball or whatever twist life throws at you.  

Rescheduling: We get it, sometimes things don't go as planned. If you've booked a private group event and need to make changes, just give us fourteen (14) days' notice. After that, the door to the party is closed.

Age Matters: Private workshops are flexible, but minors count as part of the paying crowd and keep that guardian handy.

The Late Game: Please arrive fashionably early! Please keep in mind that you have booked the event for a limited time slot and we won't be able to run over time. You can always book the venue in advance for additional time if you're travelling far.

Food and drinks:  Please feel free to tote along your snacks and drinks. We usually have a fridge and kitchen available.

Blaze & Foam's Rights: If we need to cancel or reschedule, our reasons might include a sick workshop leader. We won't cover your guests airfare and hotels. Make sure you have your own insurance for that. If the event's a no-go, you'll get a heads-up as soon as possible and a credit note. 

Behaviour Code: Being a cool cat is mandatory. No unruly shenanigans, no rude talk, and definitely no disturbing the peace. We've got our eyes on safety too – no horsing around that could put others in danger. 

The Risky Business Clause: When you buy a ticket to one of our gigs, you're taking responsibility for any mishaps or lost items during your time with us. 

Snap It, Share It: Photo & Video Game: Be ready for your close-up! Blaze & Foam might snap photos and shoot videos during their events, starring you and your fellow participants. By showing up, you're granting us the all-access pass to use these materials for promotion across every media platform. 

Rough Around the Edges: Finished Products: Keep those expectations in check. Your candle or soap might not come out of the gate looking flawless. It's a learning process, after all. But don't worry, these are just surface-level hiccups – your creations will still work like a charm. 

The Countdown Clock: Expiry Dates: Heads up! Any workshop or event gift vouchers, purchases, reschedules, or credit notes have a shelf life of thirty six months from the purchase date. 

Copyright Alert: Our workshop materials and content are our baby, so no copying, tweaking, or sharing without our say-so.

Rule Tweaking: Things change, and Blaze & Foam's terms and conditions can be no exception. We might tweak things without giving you a heads-up.

Have Questions? Got a question about this legal jamboree? Shoot an email to info@blazeandfoam.com.au and we'll help clear things up.


Now that we've got all the formalities out of the way, who's ready to create, learn, and have an absolute blast with Blaze & Foam?