School Incursion FAQ

Where do you run incursions?

Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula

How long does the incursion go for?

Usually 90 minutes. However, we can work around your bell times.

How many sessions can you run in one day?

We can run three sessions in one day.

How many students can participate in one session?

35 students is the maximum. 

Can you change locations for different sessions?
No. Once we set up, we will need to stay in one location for the day.

Do you travel to rural areas?

Please contact us with you location so that we can advise.

What time will you arrive?

Our instructors will arrive at least 1 hour before your incursion start time to sign in and set up.

What do we need to provide?

We transport a lot of equipment. Therefore, easy parking access to your location is required. We also require tables, chairs and access to electricity.

Do your instructors have Working With Children Checks?

Yes, and we will present these on arrival.

What is the cost?

Please refer to each activity page for pricing.

How do we book?

Please email us with your preferred date at From there we will send you an invoice for 50% of the booking total to secure your booking.