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Make Votive Candles


Votive pins


  • Votive glasses
  • Tart wax
  • Votive moulds
  • Wick pins
  • Pre-tabbed Wicks
  • Colour
  • Fragrance oil
  • Double boiler
  • Pouring jug
  • Thermometer
  • Scale
  • Stirring spoon




    Step 1:

    Lay Out Your Equipment

    Cover the table with paper to protect from splashed wax.

    Ensure the votive moulds are clean and wipe them with tissue or rubbing alcohol if not.

    Insert and carefully centre one votive wick pin into each votive mould. The wick pin will create tunnel through the votive candle, ensuring that once it’s set, you can then remove the wick pin and insert the candle wick.


    Step. 2: 

    Prepare The Wax


    Measure out enough wax for each votive.

    Use an aluminium pouring pot with the double boiler method to melt the wax.

    For example if one votive holds 55 grams, and you’re making 20 candles you will need 55grams x 20 candles = 1100 grams.

    *If you wish to add colour, now is also the time to do so.


    Step 3:

    Temperature Check

    Allow the melted wax to cool down to the correct temperature as specified by the wax manufacturer.


    Step 4:

    Fragrance Time

    Add fragrance now. We recommend a fragrance load of 4-6%. Mix thoroughly.

    If your votive is made with 55 grams of wax, for example, and you are using a 6% fragrance load, then you will require 3.3 grams of fragrance per votive (55 x 6% = 3.3). 3.3 grams x 20 candles = 66 grams of fragrance required.


    Step 5:


    a): Pour:

    Pour your melted wax preparation, ensuring it covers to the top of each mould. You will still need to do a second pour, so leave some wax aside for this purpose.

    b) Pour again: 

    Re-heat he remaining wax  to the recommended temperature and do your second pour now, ensuring your wax reaches the lip.


    Step 6:

    Cool and Cure

    Leave your votives to cool and set for at least 24 hours to cure.


    Step 7:

    Remove The Candles

    Separate the candles from the moulds only (wick pin stays in for now).

    If there is any resistance, cooling them briefly in the fridge should help the wax contract away from the mould.


    Step 8.

    Remove The Wick Pin And Insert Your Wick

    Time to remove the votive wick pin. Turn it upside down, then tap on the pin until it comes away..

    Then you can insert your wick.


    Step 9.

    Add Votive Holder Glassware

    Pop each votive into your chosen glass and add your warning label to the glass base.