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Make Soy Tealight Candles


Materials for the DIY Tea Light Tango

  • Tea Light Cups (Metal or plastic – your tea lights don't discriminate!)
  • Fragrance Oil (Because unscented is so yesterday.)
  • Soy Wax (Your tea lights' main squeeze.)
  • Tea Light Wicks (Because without them, it's just a cup of wax.)
  • Scale (Accuracy is key, folks!)
  • Candle Dye (To make your tea lights fashionably fabulous.)
  • Double Boiler & Aluminium Jug (The spa for your wax.)
  • Glue Gun or Stickums (For wick-wrangling.)
  • Long Funnel Pouring Jug (Because spills are so not in.)
  • Thermometer (No guessing games with temperature!)
  • Stirrer (Metal or wood, for that mix-master vibe.)


DIY Directions: A Sassy Step-by-Step


  1. Wax Weighing Wonders: Planning to create a tea light army? Calculate your wax needs like a pro. For 10 cups at 17g each, you need 170g of wax. But remember, fragrance is coming to crash the party, so don't get too attached to that number.

  2. Fragrance Fiascos: Aim for 8% fragrance fabulousness, but feel free to flirt between 6-10%. Subtract this scent-sational amount from your wax total to avoid a waxy overflow.

  3. Wax Melting Magic: Cozy your wax into the aluminium jug and give it a warm bath in the double boiler. Consult the thermometer – it's your wax-whisperer.

  4. Wick-Wooing in Tea Light Cups: While your wax is chilling in the hot tub, get those wicks in place with your trusty glue gun or stickums. Aim for centre – it's not just a good look, it's functional.Wick tealight cups

  5. Dye Drama & Fragrant Flair: Jazz up your wax with color and fragrance – but timing is everything! Add color first, then fragrance at the just-right temperature to keep it strong and true.

  6. Pouring Panache: Temperature check, then pour! Use your fancy funnel jug for a no-mess experience. Keep those wicks upright – nobody likes a lopsided flame. pour candle wax

  7. Curing Cool-Down: Give your tea lights a day to chill and set before lighting up your life. Patience is a virtue, especially when it smells this good!