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1. Weigh the wax

Work out how many tea lights you will be making.

If your standard tea light cup has a maximum fill capacity of 17 grams, and you plan to make ten of these tea light candles, the calculation is as follows:

17 grams of wax x 10 tea light cups = 170g of wax required.

You can weigh this wax amount on your digital scale. Place the metal jug on the scale and tare to zero before adding the wax.

 * Note: We will need to minus the fragrance if you plan to add any. This means you won't need exactly 170 grams of fragrance. More on that next.


2. Weigh The Candle Fragrance

A good candle fragrance loading is around 8%, but you can choose to use between 6-10% for tea lights.

We had planned to prepare 170g of wax as above, however, we now need to subtract the fragrance amount to ensure we don't have any wastage. If you are making 10 tea lights and each tea light cup can hold 17grams of wax, the calculation is 17 grams x 8% if you want to know how much fragrance you want for each tealight cup.

Let's say that you are making ten tea light cups, the calculation is 10 x 17 grams = 170 grams x 8% (or whatever the percentage you have chosen). This is the total amount of fragrance you will require for your ten tea lights. You can then minus this from the amount of wax you had initially planned to use.


3. Melt The Wax

Place the wax into the aluminium jug, then place the jug into the double boiler and heat to the manufacturers recommended temperature. Test with the thermometer


4. Wick Your Tealight Cups

While you wait for your wax to reach the correct temperature, you can wick each tealight cup using a glue gun or stickums. Centre your wicks well, and use the 4 marks inside the cup ares for this purpose. Alternatively, you might prefer to do this earlier if you are making a large amount of tea lights.


Wick tealight cups


5. Add Candle Dye & Candle Fragrance To The

Melted Candle Wax (if you wish to)

Add your chosen candle colour and mix thoroughly. Increasing the dye quantity will change the colour, so select the shade you prefer based on quantity added.

Once your wax has reached your desired pouring temperature - as specified by the manufacturer, its then time to add the fragrance oil. If the wax is too hot, the fragrance might evaporate somewhat and you might lose fragrance strength.


6. Pour

Check the temperature before pouring. Use the plastic jug with funnel.

Ensure the wicks are still centred and not falling over before the wax sets. This is more likely to occur if you have poured the wax too hot.

If you're left with extra wax, pour into a paper cup, label and bag it for future use.


pour candle wax




Leave the tea lights to cure for 24 hours before lighting them - especially if they are fragranced.