Make Soy Melts

What are Soy Melts?

Soy wax melts making

Soy wax melts are like the sophisticated cousins of candles. They bring the fragrance without the flame, and they go by many names, including wax tarts. These little gems are wick-less pieces of soy wax infused with delightful scents.

Picture this: Soy wax melts are molded into various shapes, often in charming clamshell-style cubes. They're like mini blocks of aromatic happiness ready to unleash their magic.

To bring these wax wonders to life, you'll need an electric wax warmer or a tea light-powered oil burner. They're the stages where our soy melts perform. As they heat up, they transform into fragrant liquid gold. When the show is over, they gracefully return to their solid state. The fragrance lingers, giving you hours of aromatic bliss. Depending on the design, it can take up to twelve hours for the fragrance to fully enchant your space.

Now, here's the fun part – making your own soy melts! It's like being a fragrance magician. These wick-less wonders are perfect for beginners, unlike candles that come with wick-related drama. No need to worry about wicks misbehaving; soy melts are here to save the day!

So, what's the secret recipe for soy melt success?


Soy Melts in Oil Burner


What You Will Need


  • Soy Wax (The kind that doesn't rebel against being turned into melts. Check the label)
  • Thermometer (Not for checking if your wax has a fever!)
  • Candle Liquid Dye (To jazz up those melts!)
  • Clamshell Moulds (Because plain shapes are so last season.)
  • Digital Scale (Precision matters, folks!)
  • Double boiler with aluminium jug (Your wax's personal hot tub.)
  • Pouring jugs (Because pouring straight from the boiler is a no-no.)
  • Your favourite candle fragrance (Sniff, choose, and conquer!)
  • Stirring spoon (For that magical stirring action.

Instructions: A 5-Step Dance with Wax


  1. Wax Weigh-In and Fragrance Fiasco: Get your math hat on! For 50 clamshell moulds, at 68 grams each, do some multiplication (68g x 50 moulds = a lot). Fragrance? If it's 8%, subtract 6g from each 68g. Lay out your moulds like a pro, protect your surfaces (wax can be sneaky), and remember, the scale isn't psychic – zero it first!

  2. Melting Madness and Colour Chaos: What's your wax's favorite melting temperature? Check the label, it's not a secret. Melt it in the double boiler, and don't forget the water (it's not a dry sauna). Add colour, stir, and remember, the more dye, the deeper the shade (like a wax mood ring).

  3. Fragrant Frenzy: Remember the fragrance from Step 1? Now's the time to unite it with the wax. But wait for the Goldilocks temperature – not too hot, not too cold. You want a fragrant melt, not a fragrant room (yet).

  4. Pouring Performance: Move that wax to a smaller jug (think of it as downsizing). Pour gently into your moulds, don't fill to the brim (wax needs breathing room), and keep things cozy as they cool (no drafts, please).

  5. Setting the Scene & Packaging Parade: Let your melts chill for 24 hours (they need their beauty sleep). To reuse the mould, a bit of rubbing alcohol does the trick. If you're keeping them in the mould, just snap it shut. Cool, dark places are their best friends.

  6. Enjoy the Aromatic Ambience: Wait a bit longer (48-72 hours) before diving into the fragrant world. Pop one in your warmer and watch the magic unfold.

Troubleshooting Tidbits: Having a melt-down with your melts? Wrong wax or moody moulds might be the culprits. The description should say it's suitable for tart-making. Or, just freeze them a bit – shrinking the wax can make it less clingy.