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Make Melt & Pour Soap


  • Soap Magic for Beginners


Melt and pour soap is like the entry-level magic trick in the world of soap making. It's as simple as a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat – except you're melting soap base, adding colour and scent, and pouring it into fun moulds!


Soap Artistry Made Easy
With melt and pour, you're the soap artist, and the soap base is your canvas. You can unleash your creativity with a variety of moulds, colours, and embellishments. It's like crafting your own soap masterpiece.
  • No Lye Drama: The best part? No lye drama! Unlike cold process soap making, you're skipping the chemistry class part. The soap base has already gone through the "saponification" process, so there's no need to handle lye or start from scratch.
  • Soap Fun for All Ages: Melt and pour soap is so easy that even kids can join the soap-making party (under parental supervision, of course). It's like a delightful crafting adventure for the whole family!
  • Instant Gratification: Melt and pour soap doesn't make you wait. It's like having a delicious dessert without the need for hours of baking. Your soap hardens quickly and doesn't require the patience of "curing" like cold process soap.


We sell the translucent, vegan  Stephenson Crystal RC Palm Oil free melt and pour soap base

 Make Melt and Pour soap


What You Will Need:

  • Scale for measuring soap

  • Cutting board for slicing soap

  • Large knife or soap cutter

  • Silicone spatula 

  • Small jug for measuring fragrance oil

  • Soap mould

  • Heat proof glass Measuring jug  to melt soap base in microwave

  • Melt & Pour soap base 

  • Rubbing alcohol/ isopropyl in spray bottle  to eradicate bubbles from the surface of your soap.

  • Soap dye

  • Paper towels for cleaning

  • Fragrance or essential oil

  • Double boiler set up or microwave to melt soap


Step 1: The Soap Symphony Begins!

  • Spotless Soap Stage: It's like setting the stage for a grand performance! Ensure that all your soap-making equipment is sparkling clean and ready to shine. We're talking soap base, fragrance oils, and essential oils – they're all the stars of this show.
  • Base Selection Magic: Select your melt and pour soap base with the precision of a master chef choosing the finest ingredients. This base comes pre-loaded with oils and butters, so no need to bring your own. It's like getting a complete recipe in a box!
  • Aroma Alchemy: Now, let's choose the scent for our soap symphony. Whether it's skin-safe fragrance oil or the pure essence of essential oils, it's like selecting the perfect note for a melody.
  • Colourful Canvas: Every soap is a work of art, so pick your soap colours like an artist choosing their palette. It's the moment when your soap canvas comes to life.
  • Sanitize, Soap Style: Spray your workspace with rubbing alcohol to sanitize it, creating a clean and safe stage for your soap-making performance. Think of it as setting the scene for a magical soap adventure!

With everything laid out and sanitized, you're ready to embark on your soap-making journey. 


    Step 2: Cut & Weigh Your Soap Base

    Cutting melt and pour soap base

    • Using your trusty scale, weigh your soap base in cute little chunks. Make sure the scale is set to zero with your measuring cup on it. We wouldn't want to include the weight of the container – it's all about the soap!
    • Precise Puzzle: Now, let's get precise. You're on a mission to have the perfect amount of soap to fill your chosen mold. Imagine each mould cavity as a piece of a soap puzzle. If one cavity craves 200 grams of soap, and you've got 12 of these in one grand mold, you'll need 200g x 12. It's like solving a soap equation!
    • Cubist Creativity: For a little soap-melting magic, consider cutting your soap down further into smaller cubes. It's like making mini soap ice cubes that will melt faster in the next step. Quick and efficient, just like a soap chef!

    Step 3: Melt The Melt & Pour Soap Base

    • Microwave Magic: Picture this – your microwave as the stage, and the soap base as the star of the show. Place your soap base in a microwave-safe container, and follow the manufacturer's instructions to the letter. It's like following a secret recipe for the perfect soap. Use 30-second bursts of microwave magic, but don't forget the soap's cozy blanket – cover the container with cling wrap to keep it from getting too dehydrated. Every microwave has its own personality, so keep a close eye on the performance!
    • Stirring Sensation: After each 30-second burst, it's time for a stirring sensation. Mix the soap like you're conducting a symphony, ensuring all those soap chunks dissolve gracefully. It's all about achieving soap perfection!
    • Double Boiler Drama: If your microwave isn't in the mood, you can opt for the double boiler drama. Think of it as a more refined approach, like a gourmet chef delicately melting chocolate. It gives you better heat control, ensuring your soap base melts to perfection.


    Melt melt and pour soap


    Step 4: Add The Fragrance

    Let's add a fragrant twist to our soap-making adventure:

    • Fragrance by the Gram: It's time for a fragrance symphony! Weigh your skin-safe fragrance on a digital scale, just like a perfume alchemist creating a masterpiece. Remember to press the scale to zero to remove the weight of the jug – we're only interested in the fragrance magic!
    • Fragrance Fusion: Add your precisely measured fragrance to the melted soap base. Think of it as the moment when two star-crossed lovers finally meet on stage. Mix thoroughly, ensuring the fragrance and soap base embrace like long-lost friends.
    • Safety Spotlight: While we're having fun, let's remember safety first! Check your chosen fragrance oil for its specific instructions on how much fragrance can be safely be added to the soap. We want the soap to smell amazing without going overboard!


    Step 5 : Add Colour & Any Other Additives You Have Chosen

    • Safety First: In the soap-making theatre, safety is the star of the show! Before you add anything to your soap, make sure it's skin-safe. Check those labels and ensure that every ingredient is ready for its close-up on your skin.
    • Stirring in Style: It's time to stir, but let's do it with style! Grab your trusty stirring tool and mix those soap ingredients like a culinary artist creating a masterpiece. It's all about achieving that perfect blend, ensuring your soap is safe and sensational!
    Mix Melt and pour soap  


    Step 6: Remove The Bubbles

  • Bubble Inspection: After mixing, take a moment to inspect the surface. We want it to be as smooth as a serene pond, not a bubble-filled jacuzzi.
  • Bubble Buster: Here comes the magic wand – your trusty spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol. Give those bubbles a gentle spritz, and watch them vanish like bubbles in the wind. It's like a bubble-bursting fairy tale!
  • Step 7: Pour Melted Soap Mix Into The Mould

    • Pouring Prodigy: Slowly pour the melted soap into the mould, treating each cavity like a VIP guest. 
    • Mind the Move: If your soap creation has a grand journey ahead, pop the mould onto a cutting board before pouring. This way, you can transport it to another location undisturbed, just like a soap on a secret mission.
    • Bubble Watch: Pouring slowly is the secret to minimizing the chance of pesky bubbles forming in your soap masterpiece. But if any daring bubbles do surface, you're armed with your trusty alcohol spray to give them a magical pop!

    Pour melt and pour soap  


    Step 8: Cover Your Soap Moulds and Wait

    • Cosmic Covering: It's like tucking your soap babies into bed! Cover the soap mould with plastic wrap, creating a cozy cocoon for your soap creations. It's their beauty sleep time, and they deserve the best.
    • Clean-Up Choreography: While your soap dreams away, it's time for a clean-up dance! Tidy up your soap-making stage, making it spotless like the final act of a theatre performance.
    • Patient Waiting: Leave the soap mould on the counter, undisturbed, for at least eight hours. It's like waiting for a magical transformation. If you're feeling a bit impatient (we all do sometimes), you can pop it in the fridge for a quicker hardening experience (just one hour, though – no soap icicles in the freezer!). But remember, no moving the mold during this stage – we're avoiding any visual imperfections.
    • Transportation Tactic: If you know your soap needs to be transported away from curious kids or playful cats, place the mold on a cutting board before pouring. It's like giving your soap a safe carriage to its next destination.

    Step 9: Un-mould and Use Your Soap


    • Creative Freedom: If you're not totally thrilled with how your soaps turned out, no worries! You're the director of this soap opera. Here's your chance to be a soap remix master.
    • Melt and Mould: It's as simple as a soap encore. Melt your soap creations again in a microwave-safe container, but this time in short bursts, just like crafting a soap melody. Once it's back to its liquid form, re-pour the same fragranced, dyed mixture into your molds. It's like giving your soap a second act.
    • Unleash Your Artistry: Get creative! You can experiment with different colours, scents, and designs. It's your soap canvas, and the possibilities are endless.
    make melt and pour soap  


    Still not feeling 100% confident about making melt and pour soap?

    You can always join us for an engaging, hands-on virtual melt and pour soap making workshop. We'll ship a melt and pour soap making kit to you before the Zoom class.