Double Boiler Set Up: 

One of the most used methods fused by candle makers to melt wax and the method we do recommend.


how to melt candle wax double boiler

 1. As per the image above, fill your aluminium pouring jug with wax.

2. Locate a large kitchen pot that you will now exclusively use for candle making. Fill it with water. Size note: It needs to be large enough to fit your above mentioned jug into the water.

3. Bring the water to the boil. Carefully place your metal jug into the boiling water. A heat safe handle on the jug will make handling easier and safer. Keep the plastic part out of the water as per the above image. Either hook the handle over the pot, or place a metal object into the water to raise the height of the jug.

3. Pop a thermometer into your jug and check that it does not ever go over 80 degrees. Also ensure that not too much water evaporates so the jug is suspended at all times rather than touching the bottom of the pot.. 

Benefits: This double boiler set up gives candle makers control over the wax, ensuring that it melts slowly and with even heat distribution.


Direct Heating Method:

This is the opposite of the double double boiler method and we do not recommend the direct heating method.


melting candle wax


As per the above image, this is where you heat wax directly in a pot. You would literally pour the wax into the pot and melt it. 

Benefits: None - this can lead to a fire. This method is less safe than the double boiler set up and offers less control. The heat will not be evenly distributed.


Microwave method:

If you own a heat resistant plastic jug you can melt your soy wax in ten second increments in the microwave. This has to be done very carefully since you could potentially melt a hole into the bottom of the jug. Do not do any other activities. Be sure to stir wax well between bursts.


Electric Wax Melter

Ideal for manufacturing large quantities of candles. Plugs into an electric socket.

We do recommend this type of electric wax melter: Features in-build thermostat to maintain temperature control. It is essentially an electric double boiler. The unit has a water jacket around the outside of the product chamber which maintains the temperature and also protects the wax from high heat produced by the electric element. Instead, the heat is disbursed evenly around the entire unit.

We don't recommend this type of electric wax melter: Some melters feature a direct heating element rather than a double boiler so the temperature control is inconsistent. This means you will still need to stir.