Hi, I'm Nicole Tomazic-Spanger

Blaze & Foam Founder


In 2009, I taught myself to make soy candles at home, and later became a soap maker.

I established a successful brand from my small kitchen, and my handmade bath, body and home fragrance products were featured regularly in national magazines and newspapers. My products were stocked Australia-wide, sold in boutiques and chain stores around Australia, and I exported to Hong Kong and the U.S.A. 

I made the products myself from scratch, and juggled working in the business with working on the business. Having done the un-glamorous hard yards of late night manufacturing in the garage, long days at exhibition stands, and packing orders, I know the day to day challenges you might face first hand.

My biggest reward was watching something grow from nothing.

After stepping away from the manufacturing side of the industry to have my three children and focus on motherhood and on my health, I later returned to the industry to launch Blaze & Foam. 


With my vast experience and knowledge, it is with immense joy that I now help other artisans to thrive.

Blaze & Foam delivers product, workshops, support and solutions to make it easier for you to concentrate on doing what you love.


Thanks for choosing Blaze & Foam!

We look forward to being of service to you!




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